The Borges Project

A teacher once told me if you want to be great surround yourself with visions of excellence. For this reason I've completed a Youtube Series focusing on narrating short stories by Jorge Luis Borges. As I processed through more and more of his stories, the brilliance whisked off, and became a part of me. It was quite an extraordinary ride. These videos are non-focal, meaning they are not meant to be focal point of your visual field, but instead work better as audio simply played in the background while doing some other such thing like cleaning, meditating, reposing, or organizing one's filing cabinet, reads: desktop).

Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius by Jorge Luis Borges

Due to the conjunction of a mirror and an encyclopedia. Borges signature piece. Spotlight article here

The Garden of Forking Paths by Jorge Luis Borges

In one reality you have read this story. In another you have not. In yet a third it did not exist. In a fourth, you composed it. Far out.

The Zahir

by Jorge Luis Borges

An ordinary twenty cent centavo. The obverse side of a coin. The over-whelming desire to remember. The magnetism of God. 

Theme of the Traitor and the Hero

by Jorge Luis Borges

Were all men Julius Ceasar?

Three Versions of Judas

by Jorge Luis Borges

An alternate view on humanity's allegedly greatest traitor. 

The Circular Ruins by Jorge Luis Borges

The permutations of dreaming and creation, it is mystical, hallowed, visionary, and it takes place upstream.

The Library of Babel by Jorge Luis Borges

Walk through the stacks with a cosmic Librarian. Ask yourself if you've ever truly thought of language and all it can mean. Enter.  

The South

by Jorge Luis Borges

An ordinary man. A journey through the fatherland. The mythology of Gaucho. The classical death. The influence of a bloodline. 

Borges and I

by Jorge Luis Borges

He does not know which of us has written this sentence. 

The Approach to Al-Mu' Tasim

by Jorge Luis Borges

A peculiar review of a book. 

Funes, The Memorious by Jorge Luis Borges

What do you recall? Journey into the experience of memory with a man who makes all others use of the word seem trivial. 

The Sect of the Phoenix by Jorge Luis Borges

Borges called it The Sect of the Phoenix, and tells us it has also been known as The Secret. What is this magical order and what does it mean?  

The Babylon Lottery

by Jorge Luis Borges

A custom amongst a culture. The perniciousness of chance. The game no-one can resist. What does it mean to play the Lottery? 

The Secret Miracle 

by Jorge Luis Borges

If a minute were a year, could you finish your magnum opus? Borges elaborates...

The End

by Jorge Luis Borges

A mysterious twilight in the south. A knife fight.