Research & Writing Services.

If you are interested in doing business please email: josephvoelbel(at)

Consider the following services.

  • Blockchain Analysis & Market Research
  • Brand Language Development
  • Crafting and Editing Articles
  • Brand Tailored Social Media Posts
  • Detailed Product Descriptions
  • Succinct Biography Composition
  • Brand Names, Tag lines, Log lines &  Titles


Beneficial Returns, 2017. Ad Copy. Developed short and long descriptions for most recent business endeavor. Rolled out a series of written and spoken taglines for investment propositions.

Wisdom & Money, 2016. Ad Copy. Drafted out tag lines, short descriptions, and short short descriptions for 

Arista Investment Advisors, Ltd, 2016. Ad Copy. Rolled out language for company mission and brochure. 

Biopod, 2016. Blog Copy. Crafting company voice for Biopod. 

Beyond Baroque, 2016. Bio Copy. Composed biographies for Will Alexander and Bob Branaman. 

Green Card Voices, 2016. Glossary Copy. Composed glossary for uncertain terms in book length manuscript. 

Kiss The Ground, 2015. Media Promo Strategy and Copy. Assisted with dialogue for spot on Soil Rejuvenation. 

Pixalate, 2013. Digital Media Copy. Created character names for Ad Fraud Info Graphic. Authored Blog Post, Ad Fraud's Most Wanted.


Why The World Around You Isn't As It Appears (2012) by Albert Linderman. Print Media Editing. Credited for work in Acknowledgements


Vuhneeshun, 2016. Print Media Copy. Published album review, PodTune, Step Inside The Whale. The Vuhneeshun is a local Venice Magazine (1,000 copies). 


From (Left to Right)

mxdwn, 2016. Digital Media Copy. Online Music Blog: Prince’s Paisley Park Estate To Be Turned Into A Tribute Museum, and others.

Radio Venice, 2015. Digital Media Copy. Online Music Blog: Pod Tune: Author of Step Inside The Whale, Torkom Ji: The 432 Maestro, Saul Williams: Horn of the Clock-Bike & Tait Alexander is The Real Deal.

FICTION & POETRY 2011 Travel Fiction. Gonzo Journalism Contest.

200 Proof, 2010 Poetry.  

Honors Journal, CU Boulder, 2007, Poetry. Mindstate.