Wall Street Journal Disccusses Blockchain Security Solutions

Blockchain as a cybersecurity solution may be the newfound holygrail of cloud safety. Who would have thought that storing information simultaneously on thousands or even millions of machines would end up sounding more secure than a vault in a basement? That's the power of a decentralized cryptographic ledger. 

 Article photographed by me, and posted on  @LastWeekBlockchain  IG Account.

Article photographed by me, and posted on @LastWeekBlockchain IG Account.

This WSJ article by Nir Kshetri introduces blockchain to the layman, and is yet another page of ink on a matter that seems to be ever more mainstream. If you would have told Bitcoin users buying illicit drugs off Silk Road that the WSJ was going to be advocating for blockchain in 2018 they would have laughed you out of their chatroom, but thus is the evolution of innovation and the trumping significance of improving digital security. 

Now to be clear, blockchain is not exclusively Bitcoin, although Bitcoin does run on the worlds first blockchain. Articles like these go a long way to show regular americans that blockchain solutions are here to stay, that is if they can stave off 51% consensus attacks.