Musings At Night

2567 - Who preferred to write at night, by the light of a candle, and the burning of incense, when the sky was pink with indecision, and the night ambivlent to the existence of sleeping vessels. 

77 - He was only half-there, living frequently in the replaying of the previous evenings dreams and their significaiton with respect to the apotheosis of his soul...

85221 - Occasionally, amidst the array of seemingly innocuous activities, he would have a sudden flash of insight that he was catching up to who he'd seen himself become… it was if he'd lived through that already, and an observer was noticing that person that's seen it before. This provided him a deep sense of hope and purpose.

552 - As to the greatness of the discovery so to the greater amount of people who must discover it.

156 - What you mark yourself as against, is that which undermines you. Because all is one. Quotes like this are so pretentious. But he was not against them. Especially if they were true.

9195 - You don't always have to spend time sometimes you can save time.

89723 -  The stronger the gravitational field, the more slowly time passes… That's why when you are feeling so wonderful, (as if you are floating), time passes so quickly…


108 - Keep God on your lips and always accept an offering of water.

44 - When he said he understood you it did not necessarily mean he agreed with you.

371781 - Watts, Krishnamurti, Yogananda, Huxley, Gurdjieff, McKenna, Anton Wilson, Dean Radin, John Lennon, Castaneda, Wonder, Kennedy, King, Marley, Christ

777 - If you think of a magical phrase, something that makes your soul stir, pounce on it, hunt it down like prey, blot out all existence until you have rendered its every utterance into spelling; for if you pause, or think to conjecture upon its significance, you will invariably miss some small part of it, and in missing this small part, the entire aesthetic of its assembly, its true significance, will fall like a house of unmarked cards.

7371713 - He is a pure babbling brook of novelty.

888 - Dreams are like passports to everywhere...

144 - What did the forest say to the trees? Why can't you see me for me?

11 - If you're missing something, clean, begin cleaning anywhere and you will find it, eventually.

8558 - Everythings in our finger.