LastWeek Blockchain December 25th, 2017

L A S T W E E K B L O C K C H A I N  - DEC 25th 2017

  • CoinCenter discusses SEC's analysis of the Munchee Settlement, providing new precedent for considerations around what constitutes a "Utility Token".
  • suggests "take ownership of your Bitcoin", and not to leave your money (beyond liquid day-trading capital) on exchanges.
  • The Financial Regulatory Information Authority cautions investors about investing in traditional stocks just because they have 'something to do with cryptocurrency or blockchain'. Other advice includes: be wary of cold callers, be suspect of anyone suggesting urgency, use FINRA broker check to vet companies and sellers, check SEC listings to see which companies are currently compliant, be wary of stocks with huge spikes as this may be 'an indicator of fraud'. 
  • Seeking Alpha calls Vancuver based company BTL Limited Group, 'A First Mover in Blockchain Technology'. 
  • Coindesk reports Senior Russian Government Official says cryptocurrency laws to be introduced to national legislature on December 28th, 2017. 
  • CoinTelegraph reports that Israel is considering a national cryptocurrency.

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