Interest Based Data (IBD)

Computer data which optimizes advertising as it pertains to a User's search history, purchasing trends, geo-location, periodicity, spelling process, and viewing history. (Voelbel)

Source List Itemization (SLI)

A compendium of products offered by a company detailing how each product was made and or who made them and how they were acquired. e.g., An angel investor looking to stimulate a company's growth but concerned about the nature of how its products are produced, may request an SLI from the company to assuage such concerns. "Can I see the SLI for your company's products?" (Voelbel)

Skate Maneuver (SM)

An adroit move, or series of movements while skateboarding involving skill and care, especially as characterized by craftiness. (Voelbel)

Linguistic Maneuver (LM)

An adroit move, or series of movements while communicating involving skill and care, especially as characterized by craftiness. (Voelbel)

Diagnostic Maneuver (DM)

A message output, or program for message outputs, determining the identity of an error or errors in a system, as well as a recourse. (Voelbel)

Language As Commonly Understood (LACU)

The predominant interpretation of a word, or groups of words, or phrase by a particular culture, demographic, node or group perceiving it. e.g., The LACU of the word 'materialism' on a Lifestyle Blog about Yoga would most likely mean 'only caring about money or objects' whereas the LACU of the word 'materialism' in a philosophy of mind class at Oxford would most likely mean 'a branch of epistemological theory, namely that all phenomena are the results of material interactions'. (Voelbel)

Language as Intended (LAI)

Language as people mean it to be understood. e.g., The LAI of the statement, "You killed it" when spoken positively towards a person who has recently performed well, is "that was exceedingly good" or, "everybody loved that!" Not, "that thing is no longer breathing!" (Voelbel)

NOTE: Keeping in mind a recipient's LACU (Language As Commonly Understood), is important in succeeding with your LAI (Language As Intended).

Paralanguage (PL)

A component of meta-communication that may modify or nuance meaning, or convey emotion such as pitch, volume, intonation or prosody. (Wikepidia)

MetaCommunication (MC) 

A secondary language pertaining to how another piece of language or information is interpreted. (Wikepedia)

Holographic Interfacing (HI)

The process of exchanging data through frameworks. (Voelbel)

Poly Dimensional Operator (PDO)

A person who engages multiple states of perception, and or assists other users in doing same across multiple states of perception. (Voelbel)