67 Facts You May Not Know About Bitcoin

Recently was contacted by a group of research professionals who put together this infographic on Bitcoin. Click on image below to check it out! 

Also, they sent me a short write up, which I'm including part of here:


Why is the Blockchain so disruptive?*

"It is a totally different way to deal with data. Instead of shoring up your servers or maintaining endless server farms, you ship the information out across the network. People who want to use the network have to download the software.

By doing this, they are assisting with the running and maintenance of the chain. So, instead of one company footing the bill to maintain the infrastructure, the costs are distributed throughout the network.

And so is the data. And it is this that is part of the reason that the system is so secure. No one can cut off access to the data or delete it. There is no downtime unless every single computer within the network goes down. (Unlikely considering there are thousands on the network.)

But if anyone can log in, surely it is easy to add fake transactions. Well, actually no – every transaction that is added to the chain must first be verified on the network. That’s why it takes ten minutes for it to go through.

The security of this system exceeds that of traditional systems, even those with the best firewalls. In fact, it is so effective that all of the major banks have been researching how they can start making use of the systems themselves.

Bitcoin and blockchain have not only disrupted the financial services industry, but they have also blasted many well cherished beliefs out of the water completely."